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Gogara Rice Mills

Gogara Rice Mills is located in the rich belt of rice producing land of Pakistan. Working for last 22 years. Pakistan is known in the world for its quality and range of rice it produces all over the World. We in our mill have the capability of producing all types of rice and our products are listed as followed.

Brown Rice

Kernel of rice from which only the outermost covering called husk has been removed. Husk is removed by rubber rolls. Its color is brown due to presence of bran layers. These layers are rich in vitamins, especially in B-Complex group, minerals and fibers. Brown rice may be eaten as it is or milled into white rice. It is pure natural form of rice; having slightly more fibers, vitamins and mineral than any form of rice.

brown rice

White Rice

This is the most common form of rice. The outermoing of the grains called Husk is removed by rubber roller in the mill to get the brown rice. The brown rice having bran layers is sent to polishers to get White rice. This is done by rubbing the brown rice grains with each other through machines. No chemical is used to get white polished rice. In this process some broken are occurred, which are removed through grading system. Rice also pass through Laser sorting system to remove the Black and yellow grains. Finally we get the Table richest cover.

white rice

Parboiled Rice  ⁄  Sella Rice

Paddy or Rough rice with the outer most covering called Husk/Hull is soaked in warm water under pressure for four to five hours in automatic plant, steamed and dried before milling or polishing. This process gelatinized or makes a compact structure of starch inside the grains. During this process, nutrients, vitamins, minerals which are present in outer bran layers; shifted inside the grains. Moreover, during par-boiling process one important compound Dextrin is also retained in Par-boiled rice. This compound helps the digestion of Par-boiled rice. Thus, during Par-boiling process; rice becomes more nutritious, delicious and tasty. Sella rice ensures the separateness and firmness of grains in cooking

sella rice

Steam Rice  ⁄  Aged Rice

Paddy or Rough rice is converted to aged rice by giving steam to the paddy. The steam is given at certain pressure to age the rice. Aged rice is loved all over the world as this gives the best cooking and taste. Steam rice do not stick together and are preferred in all rice recipes.

basmati rice